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29 Nov 2007

James Samuel and Richard Heinberg on Transition New Zealand.

I wrote the other day about the rapid spread of the Transition concept in New Zealand, and it still continues apace. There are now 34 ‘Mullers’ in the country, which have been springing up in the wake of a tour of the country by Richard Heinberg. Now on YouTube you can see James Samuel, one of the key drivers behind the emerging movement there, giving a workshop with Richard Heinberg at the EcoShow in Taupo.

Part One is James’s overview of the Transition concept and how it might translate to New Zealand. It is fascinating to see how the Transition concept is communicated in different places and in different contexts, and also to see how people are making use of the wonderful thing that is YouTube to communicate their work and their ideas.

Part Two is Richard Heinberg telling the story of the Transition movement from his perspective. This is a fascinating overview of his thinking on it, and how much he has been affected by it.

Part Three is the last bit of Richard’s presentation, and goes back to James again.

Part Four is the group feedback and questions session…

The last part, Part Five, features more reflection and discussion by those attending…

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adam f
29 Nov 10:23am

heya Rob,

Rick Tanaka who I first met on the comments here talking about krautrock and later met in the flesh, has moved to Hampden NZ and there’s a nice article about some relocalisation efforts he’s involved in there over at Be the Change.

[…] have had some great conversations with Rob and Ben and with Naresh and Sophy. They are all aware of what is happening in New Zealand. Naresh and Sophy have been planning to seek funding to enable them to do a video […]

James Samuel
30 Nov 7:12am

Thanks for that Rob. In case people are wanting to connect with the New Zealand Transition Towns initiatives here is the website:

Paul Butler
1 Dec 11:23pm

Hi all,
I have come to this forum through realisation and examination of the Peak Oil scenario. This is indeed something special and the groundswell that I am seeing is particularly inspirational as it gives a forum to a disparate group of concerned individuals with the ultimate common goal of sustainability. Thank you Rob for the beginning and thank you everybody else for being concerned. There is hope.

[…] James Samuel and Richard Heinberg on Transition New Zealand. […]

rick t
9 Dec 7:49pm

Howdy all,
It was not just any old krautrock we were talking about, but one of Rob’s fave bands, CAN.
Though Hampden is not called the transition town (coz it is a wee village), but here H3 are household names and the lord of the manna is duly revered!