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21 Dec 2007

Transition Culture Takes a Break for Christmas…

sfIt’s that time of year when I pop the laptop in a drawer, turn off the mobile phone, and try to stop thinking incessantly about energy descent strategies, the best kind of wood to edge raise beds with and whether solar panels are a terrorist threat, putting **Transition Culture** to bed for a week or two. The New Year will bring the release of the third Totnes Pound (they’re gorgeous) and a redesign of this site in January, the publication of **The Transition Handbook** in late February (you’re gonna love it), the Positive Energy conference at Findhorn in March (finally, I get to meet Joanna Macy) and the second national Transition Network gathering in April. Beyond that, who knows, but given the current rates of growth of the Transition Network, it should be a busy year. I’d like to thank you for your companionship over the past 12 months, for all your comments and suggestions, and for actually reading the stuff I blearily post on here most mornings. I’d also like to wish you a Happy Christmas, Solstice or whatever you call this time and its gift of making us stop work, take some time with loved ones and reflect on the past year. **Transition Culture** will be back on January 7th and will, among other things, continue working through Ted Trainer’s questions. See you then, and thanks again.

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David Johnson
21 Dec 9:27am

Happy Christmas Rob. Thank you for all that you have given us this year.

Lucy Skywalker
21 Dec 12:02pm

Yes, Rob, thanks for all.

I’ve gone through dramatic paradigm shifts several times in my life. Three months ago I encountered PO + CC full on, and it was another major shift, pressuring me to redesign my work, lifestyle and website to reflect PO + CC = TT.

I’ve sent the message to family and friends that Transition Towns IS the real Christmas message this year.

The twelve dark holy days of Christmas / Yule can be important. In my Norwegian tradition, Olaf Asteson fell asleep for these twelve days and had magical dreams… the Rainbow Bridge… most years I’ve gone skywalking in one form or another…

[…] Transition Culture Takes a Break for Christmas?? […]

21 Dec 5:40pm


Thank you for all the truly inspirational work you’ve done,it’s made for some fascinating reading this past year,and
even when the subject matter has been a bit gloomy,
you always seem to be able to finish on a positive note!

Happy whateveryacallit to you and yours.

Stephen Watson
21 Dec 9:46pm

Yep, curl up in front of the wood burner, get out the chestnuts and relaaaaaax.

Thanks Rob for starting this amazing thing that’s such a gift to the present and the future.

I think I’ll drink to that!

Seasonal wishes to you.