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28 Jan 2008

Transition Initiatives in at Number 6 in the Resource Magazine Hot 100.

100The latest issue of **Resource Magazine** (“a new perspective on waste”) features Transition Initiative on the front cover. Transition stuff appears twice inside, once in a 2 page article about Transition Initiatives which was rather good, and secondly in The Hot 100, which it somewhat alarmingly introduced as “the definitive list of 2007’s red hot, sizzling chillies”. There, sitting resplendent at Number 6, you’ll find Ben Brangwyn and Rob Hopkins of the Transition Network”. Apparently we got there due to “revolutionising the future of our communities and their resource use”. Not quite sure we can in any way claim any credit for doing anything like that, but it is nice to appear there among many other luminaries. Thanks to Resource Magazine for thinking of us.

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Stephen Watson
28 Jan 3:12pm

OFF TOPIC – but what happened to the lovely design of your blog Rob? This one’s clean and neat but all the same …


Graham Burnett
28 Jan 8:32pm

Well done to Rob and Ben! When the Grauniard recently published their list of Top 50 ‘Eco-heroes’ I was going to send in a letter asking why Rob and Transition Towns hadn’t been included… More deserving surely than Bjorn lomberg, who DID get in, at any rate…