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31 Mar 2008

Rowan’s Findhorn Blog: Final Day and Closing Thoughts

robnrowanToday started with bacon, which made a lovely change from cornflakes and apple and got me ready for the days first session, which was Richard Heinberg, who was amazing and really drew every thing together by telling us what positions that we’re in and how much longer we can go on for like this (as in the oil dependent lifestyle), basically we can’t.

Then it was the sending off or something where we put some seeds into a bag.

Then supper, now some off you may think that I disliked the food, that is a terrible misunderstanding for I loved the food and there where just one or two times when I got there late and there for only got half the meal and therefore it wasn’t very satisfying, but anyway today we had lasagne again and it was lovely.

Plz leave comments
thx Rowan

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Harriet Stewart-Jones
1 Apr 7:54am

Thanks Rowan. I’ve enjoyed your Findhorn blog. It’s encouraged me to consider taking my son Ben along to my sort of events more, in the face of “Oh that’s just one of Mum’s things …”

Jane Buttigieg
1 Apr 9:13am

Yes, thanks Rowan. I have an eleven year old daughter who is very intersted in all environmental stuff and supports what I am doing in Transition. I think that there should be more stuff aimed at young people though. My daughter finds some Transition stuff interesting and other stuff a bit adult and boring. I think that there should be workshops and chill out space for young people at all these events so you get a mixture of serious stuff and play. Infact it is important for the adults to play too!
Thanks again!

1 Apr 1:35pm

Well done, Rowan! I really appreciated getting your viewpoint on the time at Findhorn. Now back to another reality, eh?
Take care.