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1 Dec 2010

Snow, gratitude, resilience and trains

Well, today has been one of those days.  The plan was that I was meant to be speaking at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s event on ‘closed loop economies’ at Bradford University which looked like it was going to be great, and then going on to give a talk for Transition Hebden Bridge before heading home again.  I was really looking forward to both.  I didn’t reckon though on the wild wintery weather affecting the north, south-east and east of the UK.  The whole thing went rather pear-shaped in the end, and meant I spent about 13 hours today on trains!

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27 Mar 2009

A Second Chance to Watch (and Record) ‘A Farm for the Future’

Many people got in touch with Transition Network to ask how they could get copies of Rebecca Hosking’s seminal ‘A Farm for the Future’ programme.  It can be viewed on Video Google now, but it is proving tricky for us to distribute copies of the film.  You may therefore be interested to know that due to popular demand, the programme is being screened for a second time on BBC2 Saturday 4th April at 5.20pm.  Set the recorder, and enjoy this wonderful programme a second time.

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10 Feb 2009

‘Eat The Suburbs’: a great short film on permablitzing

Here is a great film from Australia about ‘permablitzing’, and about edible backgardening.  It features Asha Bee, who is currently working here with Transition Network doing a book about Transition in cities.  Enjoy.

You can download a hi-res version for screenings in your local initiative here.

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4 Feb 2009

Positive Energy 2 conference at Findhorn announced

Regular readers will recall from last year my trip to the Positive Energy conference at Findhorn, an extraordinary few days which looked at many aspects of the work starting now in terms of building localised, bioregional infrastructure. Or you may just remember my son’s blog posts which mainly talked about the food, but were hopefully illuminating nonetheless.  Well, it was such a success that Findhorn are running a second Positive Energy event, to run between the 3rd and the 9th of October, and have just produced the first publicity for it, which you can download here.

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2 May 2008

Richard Heinberg on Resilient Communities

A while ago I wrote about Richard Heinberg’s main presentation at the Findhorn Positive Energy course, which introduced his idea of Resilient Communities Action Plans. His talk has just been posted ontoYouTube and you can see it below;

Part Two ¦ Part Three ¦ Part Four ¦ Part Five ¦ Part Six

You can also see my introduction to Richard’s talk here.

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