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Permaculture Modules

**Kinsale Permaculture Modules – Free Download.**

kinsaleWhen I was working at Kinsale Further Education College, I wrote and got approved four new modules so we could teach them on the 2-year Practical Sustainability course. A few people have asked me since if they can get hold of the modules in order to design their own around them. They are Sustainable Woodland Management, Green Building, and 2 permaculture modules, Permaculture Design and the second level permaculture module, Applied Permaculture. This was only piloted during the last year I was there, and I think it is now being rewritten. These modules are NCVA level 2, through the Irish Vocational Education Committee.

Feel free to adapt and use them. If you are in the UK you will need to adapt them to the specific requirements of your Local Education Authority and if you are in Ireland you will need the specific permission of Kinsale FEC in order to teach them in another VEC college, as they are the property of the college. I hope you find them useful. You can download them as Word files in the box above right.