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10 Feb 2009

‘Eat The Suburbs’: a great short film on permablitzing

Here is a great film from Australia about ‘permablitzing’, and about edible backgardening.  It features Asha Bee, who is currently working here with Transition Network doing a book about Transition in cities.  Enjoy.

You can download a hi-res version for screenings in your local initiative here.

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Ann Lamot
10 Feb 1:43pm

Wonderfully, inspiring and uplifting bit of movie.
So often I find that people’s first reaction to the news of Peak Oil is a desire for their own vegetable plot and the skills to grow their own food. Mostly what stands in the way is a lack of access to land. From what I have heared, local councils are obliged by law to provide allotments when requested to do so. Yet everywhere there seems to be long waiting lists and not a lot of effort by the authorities to honour their obligations. I would like to find out if anybody anywhere has taken their local authorities to court over this?

10 Feb 7:43pm

From this site it looks like you need 6 people.

Ann Lamot
11 Feb 2:58pm

Thanks Guy, followed some links and found the info I was after.

Josef Davies-Coates
15 Feb 1:45pm

Ann, care to share your new found knowledge/ links? 🙂