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I no longer blog on this site. You can now find me, my general blogs, and the work I am doing researching my forthcoming book on imagination, on my new blog.

Interviews and Talks (audio and video)

Online Audio

For a collection of interesting Transition-related audio, check out the expanding Transition pages at the wonderful

Online Films

To celebrate the release of ‘The Transition Companion’, we made 10 short films called ‘A Story of Transition in 10 Objects’, in homage to the BBC’s ‘History of the World in 100 Object’ series.  Below is the first one, and you can see the whole collection here.

A talk at Brockwood Park School interspersed with clips from In Transition 2.0.

Here I am speaking at the 2011 Sunrise Off Grid Festival in Somerset

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

My talk ‘Transition as Cookery’, from the 2011 Tagore Festival, Dartington.

My talk at the ‘Confronting Change’ event at the South Bank Centre, London. December 2010.

Part Two | Part Three

A Preview of a film about the Unleashing of Transition City Lancaster

Being interviewed at the International Transition conference, Edinburgh, November 2010

A Talk in Derby, September 2010 (slides and audio rather cleverly animated)

Presentation to the Princes’ Foundation for the Built Environment conference.  February 2010.

A conference on resilience at Tipperary Institute, Ireland, October 2009 (includes brief clip of me presenting virtually).

Speaking as part of the launch of ‘Local Food: how to make it happen in your community’, at The Hub in London.

A Skype Presentation I gave to a Social Enterprise event in Poland

My Talk at the Launch of the Climate Friendly Farming initiative, at Schumacher College

Transition Town Totnes Appears on Al Jazeera

“Totnes: taking change into their own hands”,  a film by the Open University.

‘In Transition: from oil dependency to local resilience’.

The Award Ceremony for the Curry Stone Prize

I attended by Skype, as did all the other finalists…

In July 2009, I gave one of the famous TED Talks, in Oxford. It was very nerve-wracking, but I hope you enjoy it…

Discussing ‘Local Food’ in Brixton, on the day of its publication. With thanks to Positive TV and the Ecologist.

The Powerdown Show (Episode 8)

Talk at Schumacher College Think Tank,16th May 2009.

The Beginning of a Talk in Wales (Machynlleth)

At the Eden Project for the Peoples’ Premiere of the Age of Stupid

Matt Harvey’s piece about Transition for BBC South West’s Inside Out Programme

The 2008 Transition Cities Conference, Nottingham Arena, November 2008.

A Gra for Straw (RTE Television 2002): features me strawbale building in West Cork

Part Two | Part Three

A 2005 Piece from RTE Television about Kinsale FEC

A Talk by Videoconferencing to Estonia (contains interesting artistic interludes)

Talk at the Launch of the Lewes Pound.  September 2008.

Talk at the Findhorn Positive Energy Conference, March 2008

Part Two ¦ Part Three ¦ Part Four ¦ Part Five ¦ Part Six

Talk for the International Forum on Globalisation conference
(delivered on a DVD rather than flying to Washington, a saving of 2,788 kgs of carbon).

Part 2 ¦ Part 3

“What is Resilience?” A Talk at the Inaugural Transition Network Gathering.

“The 12 Steps of Resilience” (Steps 1-6)

Part 2 (Steps 7-12)

“Transition Towns: An Interview with Rob Hopkins” by EON Films

An Interview with Adrienne Campbell Before the Official Unleashing in Lewes.

Question 2 ¦ Question 3 ¦ Question 4 ¦ Question 5 ¦ Question 6 ¦ Question 7 ¦ Question 8 ¦ Question 9

¦ Question 10 ¦

“Rethinking Our Relationship to the Land” A Talk to the Environment Kernow Conference 2007.

Part 2 ¦ Part 3 ¦ Part 4.

Introducing “The Transition Handbook”: a promotional film for Green Books.

“Transition: from oil dependency to local resilience”: A Talk to the BIG Event, Bristol.

Part 2 ¦ Part 3 ¦ Part 4 ¦ Part 5

Talk at the Official Unleashing of Transition Town Lewes.

Part 2 ¦ Part 3 ¦ Part 4 ¦ Part 5

Patrick Holden’s ‘Back to the Land’ programme (includes an interview with me).

Part 2 ¦ Part 3¦ Part 4

Audio Files