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2 May 2008

Richard Heinberg on Resilient Communities

A while ago I wrote about Richard Heinberg’s main presentation at the Findhorn Positive Energy course, which introduced his idea of Resilient Communities Action Plans. His talk has just been posted ontoYouTube and you can see it below;

Part Two ¦ Part Three ¦ Part Four ¦ Part Five ¦ Part Six

You can also see my introduction to Richard’s talk here.

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1 Comment

Will O'Leary
6 May 9:43pm

I’m so glad you got this tubed , His powerful address is a great wake up call for one and all . (his book ,’Peak Everything’ is a must too.)
As someone commented on the ‘borrowing for transition’ piece ;
‘Hope for the best , plan for the worst ‘.
I am organising showings for all my local politicians and relevant authorities, we have no time to lose !
Transition Marches on !