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9 Jul 2008

Three Short Films About Transition in New Zealand

Transition is spreading through New Zealand like wildfire… Here are three short films which offer fascinating insights into some of what is beginning to emerge there.

This first film is about Waiheke Island’s Fabulous Fruit Tree Initiative, which is aiming to plant 20,000 fruit and nut trees on the island. Looks like they are off to a pretty good start…

The second one is a short clip from the local TV news. It includes a female reporter with an incredibly annoying accent, and a dedication to microphone product placement throughout…. features James Samuel, one of the catalysts of Transition in New Zealand. Ends a bit abruptly though.

The last one is a panel discussion following a talk given by Roberto Perez (he of ‘The Power of Community’ fame) with various local environment and energy experts at a Transition Waiheke event.

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26 Jul 10:53pm

Hi could you please give me az list of the transition towns in new zealand