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11 Jul 2008

When Fact and Fiction Begin To Merge in Alarming Ways

aThe Transition Ambridge (or “Tran – sish – ee – oh – ney Ambridge”, as character Joe Grundy called it the other day) storyline in the Archers continues, with people setting up the “Ambridge Swap Club” and starting to form their working groups. In the story, the village has its website, maintained by Jennifer Aldridge. This is mirrored on the BBC’s website, which now has a section about Transition Ambridge which is spookily like something you might actually find out there in Transition-land.  Bit disappointing that all Pat Archer, who founded the whole thing in the first place and who runs a diverse organic farm and local cheese and yoghurt production, is offering is asparagus, which by this time of year is going to somewhat stringy, but it is fascinating seeing where this storyline is going…

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