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26 Aug 2008

The Launch of the Lewes Pound. Lewes. September 9th. Be There…

On Tuesday 9th September 2008 at the Foundry Gallery in Lewes, Transition Town Lewes will be launching the Lewes Pound, the second currency to be issued by a Transition initiative, the first being the Totnes Pound (although Brixton are at the early stage of planning their Brixton Brick). The evening will be hosted by the Mayor of Lewes, and will include short talks by Stewart Wallis, Executive Director, New Economics Foundation, Polly Toynbee, Guardian columnist and author and myself. It will be followed by a celebration with music from SkaToons, food from Bills, and drinks from local brewery Harveys, who are rumoured to have brewed a beer called ‘The Lewes Pound’ in its honour! The evening will be your first opportunity to get your hands on the new currency… don’t miss it! It’s not every day that a new currency is born! They also got some great exposure in Sunday’s Observer and have also got their local Barclays Bank to accept and issue the notes.

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Shaun Chamberlin
28 Aug 8:12pm

Be sure to congratulate Polly for her excellent Guardian article on carbon rationing the other week!

david lawrence
9 Sep 5:30am

What a stupid idea, its like getting gift vouchers for your birthday. Why would you restrict yourself to buying over priced fruit and veg from bills, when you buy cheaper things at tescos? I predict this will be short lived.

Jack Garside
9 Sep 5:40pm

One hates to be a misery — this is a harmless enough gimmick — but for those of us in the surrounding villages, who pay our Council Tax to Lewes, it’s a bit of a sick joke, as the disastrous parking regime in Lewes makes shopping there an absolute misery. Quite simply, you daren’t stay there long enough to spend your Lewes pounds! We are less than five miles out, but we now shop mainly in Uckfield, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath, where parking is kinder on the nerves and the pocket.