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3 Nov 2008

A Blast from the Past No.1: Permaculture in Kinsale in 2005

I was clearing out a cupboard the other day and found a dusty pile of old VHS video cassettes.  On closer inspection, it turns out that among various odd bits and bobs, were two old programmes I thought you might find interesting.  Thanks to Alex Munslow for uploading them onto YouTube for me.  Today’s film appeared on Ireland’s RTE television in July 2005, and was filmed the day before the Fuelling the Future conference.

When the film crew arrived, David Holmgren was already at the college, involved in the preparations for the conference.  Half way through, an exhausted and jet-lagged Richard Heinberg turned up, wanting more than anything to be able to put his feet up and sleep.  He very kindly agreed to do an interview with the film crew, and gamely gave them an indepth interview, as did David.  Extraordinarily none of the footage of either of them appeared in the final film, apart from a few seconds of David Holmgren eating pizza!

Closer inspection of the film also reveals details of the cordwood amphitheatre, the inside of the strawbale house and the college’s polytunnel.  The film is only marred by poor sound quality thanks to the transfer from a rather old video tape, and also by possibly the most condascending presenter at the beginning and at the end of the piece!  It was the day after this was filmed that people first got their hands on the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan, indeed they were sat in a box in the office while this was being filmed.

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10 Nov 5:04pm

Hi Rob – I’ve always thought the Kinsale Permaculture course is amazing and have looked for similar in the UK. It’s a long shot I know – but do you or anyone else know of anything similar – that offers such breadth and scope – in the UK? I sure the demand is out there!