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17 Nov 2008

Update on the Transition Cities conference

Preparations for the upcoming Transition Cities conference in Nottingham are coming on very well.  The outline of the event is becoming clearer, and it promises to be essential stuff for anyone involved in urban Transition work.  As with other Transition events, the term ‘conference’ is something of a misnomer, as it will only include about 10 minutes of anyone actually standing up to address everyone.  The day and a half event will be a mix of Open Space, which maximises the possibility of self organisation and allows you to bring your questions and interests, and a great selection of workshops.

The workshops organised thus far include the following topics, diversity and inclusion, working with your local Council, constellations, the Sustainable Communities Act, managing conflict, Energy Descent Planning, Food in Transition Cities and Cities as Sanctuary.  There will also be a great social evening on the Thursday night, and altogether it promises to be an extremely useful and very energising couple of days.  Our aim, by the end of Day 2, is to create a Blueprint for Urban Transition, a drawing together of all the insights brought to the event.

You can read everything you could ever possibly want to know about the event here, and probably a great deal more besides.  At present there are 80 bookings, and the capacity is just 150, so if you are planning to come and haven’t yet booked, it would be great for us organising the event if you could send in your booking sooner rather than later.  You can book quickly and easily here.  See you there!  Although we will struggle, I think, to find somewhere for a good game of football, in all other aspects it promises to be another highly productive and fascinating Transition event!

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1 Comment

Kamil Pachalko
18 Nov 6:24pm

Sounds great, wish I could come but I will look forward to the materials from the conference. Cheers