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2 Dec 2008

The Transition Cities Conference: The Movie

Deepest thanks to Ed and Sally Collard, who filmed the Nottingham Cities conference and produced the following fantastic film about it… its not the same as having been there, but its as close as you’ll get! There is a higher quality version here, but here is the YouTube version for your delectation.

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Stephen Watson
2 Dec 9:38am

Thanks so much for this – and uplifting treat.

2 Dec 10:28am

Just fantastic! It’s indeed very close to having been there. A huge thanks to those who recorded this for the absent, the present and the next generations! We will certainly show it on our next meeting Sunday to the rest of the Gent group who couldn’t join us in Nottingham.

3 Dec 5:31am

Writing this from Portland, Oregon where Naresh & Sophy have just finished day 1 of there Training. We are looking at showing this video tomorrow during day 2…I’m downloading the high-res. version as I type. Thank you for making this available.

Peter Bralesford
4 Dec 12:08pm

An absolute gem. Thank you.