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11 Dec 2008

Transition Movie Blog 4

Our trip to Wales was a success. We filmed Isabel Lovelock from Transition Llandeilo planting an orchard at the local primary school. The kids all got involved but I’m not sure they learned much about how to plant the trees. It was a bit of a photo opportunity with kids dressed in their cubs/brownies uniforms and a friendly policeman on site. Before we arrived, they hadn’t heard of Transition but when you point a big camera at something people are immediately interested. They certainly know about Transition now!

Whilst we were there we took a short visit to the Centre for Alternative Technology and interviewed Paul Allen who’s written the Zero Carbon Britain Report. He thinks we’ve still got a chance but only if Governments act. Up the road in Aberdovey we interviewed Sir John Houghton who was professor at Oxford and on the International Panel for Climate Change. He gave us a very simple explanation of climate change and I couldn’t help thinking that it was very fortunate that scientists were looking at the atmosphere and recording data because otherwise we wouldn’t even know it was going on!

Emma took the PD150 mini DV camera to the Nottingham Cities Conference and it was camera central. There were no less than 3 other people there filming! So we’ve got that covered…

James Engwell, who has just moved down to Totnes from Yorkshire, got in touch with us to offer his help on the film. He’s donated a Mac computer for the Transition Network office and some software (Frameline) which annotates and effectively archives all the footage. This means that we will be able to search for any shots we like at any time and they will be immediately accessible. We can now put any clips we have filmed so far onto YouTube. The first few have gone up already…see yoodooright1968.

Chris was very excited when he came back from Norwich where he filmed Rob Hopkins present Transition to the local authority. Chris is originally from Norwich and was very proud when they unanimously agreed to become a Transition Local Authority and appoint a Transition Officer. He was really impressed with Rob’s presentation and the film began to take more definite shape in his mind.

Next stop Stroud and Lewes. We’re hoping to film the Lewes Pound story and some Stroud Food Projects. We’re still notably lacking a big transport story. If anyone knows any good Transport Projects out there then please let me know about it.

Contact Emma on 01803 863928 (mornings only), or you can email

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