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18 Mar 2009

Transition in French

If you like Transition, but you speak French, the web has been a fairly unrewarding place until now.  Now ‘Villes et Communautes en Transition’ has arrived, the portal for the French speaking world into the bright and wonderful world of Transition.

Of course, if you are actually French, the above is not too useful.  So according to Babelfish (what an amazing thing!), what I just said, in French, was “Si vous aimez la transition, mais vous parlez français, le Web a été un endroit assez infructueux jusqu’ici. Maintenant ‘ ; En Transition’ de Villes et de Communaudes ; est arrivé, le portail pour le monde de langue française au monde lumineux et brillant de la transition”.

Or something.

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Steve Atkins
18 Mar 7:56am

Ah, you are spoiling us with this French Resilience!

18 Mar 11:15am

TT and permaculture just begin to spread here in France, but now we have a workgroup and a website about TT, and a forum and the first french festival of permaculture this year .

Annie Leymarie
19 Mar 12:26pm

Babelfish n’est pas tres intelligent! It’s taken a nice French title (Villes et communautes en transition) and retranslated it into French, making it incomprehensible. But I’m nit-picking. BRAVO a cette initiative!

Steve Hinton
25 Mar 12:41pm

And now we have one in Swedish. Put this into your bablefish!
För Er som pratar svenska har vi numera en webbsida om omställning på Er hemspråk.

Yeah, we are calling transition “omställning” pronounced om – STELL – ning

Keep up the good work, Rob!