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17 Mar 2009

A Wealth of Transition Audio

We’ve got three fine pieces of Transition audio for your listening pleasure today. Firstly there is the new Transition podcast, produced by Carl Munson.  If you are going to the 2009 Transition Network conference, you’ll meet Carl, as he will be doing a live podcast of the whole event.

The second one is an interview I did with the good folks at Transition Derry in Northern Ireland, as part of supporting the work they are doing.

The last one is a podcast from James Samuel at Transition New Zealand which tells the story of a recent meeting he organised as part of deepening the Transition work happening there, a fascinating insight for Transition groups into the ‘form a steering group and design its demise from the outset’ principle.

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21 Mar 8:43pm

There is tons of free audio on the web relating to Transition stuff providing a great alternative to mainstream radio.

Some favourites are: – this has lots of audio, video and text on peak oil. Look out for The Reality Report, Peak Moment and various others. There’s some excellent old interviews with Colin Campbell (founder of ASPO) which really help deepen one’s knowledge of peak oil. – A weekly one hour show from Canada that always has something topical to think about. Recent shows covered eco-migration, storing food & war. You can go back through the archives and find almost anything from peak oil to climate change and all the related stuff and more. A great show.

I listen to this stuff when I’m doing housework and sometimes burn it to CD to listen when in the car.