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12 May 2009

The Evolution of ‘Can Totnes Feed Itself?’

food-guide-11I am currently in heads-down Totnes Energy Descent Plan editing/writing mode, which is proving hugely time-consuming, so posts at Transition Culture will be a bit erratic over the next few days. I am currently working on the food section, which is fascinating. We have been lucky enough to get a grant from Landshare to allow us to commission Geofutures in Bath to take Simon Fairlie’s Can Britain Feed Itself? paper and to focus it on Totnes and its surrounding ‘foodshed‘.  It is fascinating work, and the first public unveiling of it will be on Monday May 18th, at an event in Totnes called, imaginatively, ‘Can Totnes Feed Itself?‘.

Transition Stroud have already done something similar (although I think not so detailed) in the excellent paper they wrote on food for their Local Strategic Partnership’s Global Changes Think Tank.  Have a look.  Other places as well are now starting to look at the nuts and bolts of food relocalisation, and whether it is possible or not, it is fascinating stuff.  I’ll update you on the Totnes work soon, in the meantime, enjoy Stroud’s.

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