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18 May 2009

Hide Enomoto on Transition in Japan

I stumbled across The World’s Next Breath yesterday, and there was an interview with Hide Enomoto from Japan. ┬áHide is the founder of Transition Fujino, passionate Transition advocate in Japan, and all round really lovely guy. ┬áThis interview offers a fascinating update on how things are going in Japan.

Transition Town Japan: Hidetake Enomoto from UNUChannel on Vimeo.

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Steve Atkins
18 May 10:37am

That feels like a considered and calm overview of, with no panic.

Transition has spread globally over the past year at a phenomenal rate, it makes me wonder how much is going to happen in another 12 months?

Fortunately with the subtitles I’m able to understand what he is talking about!

; )

Jennifer Lauruol
18 May 3:16pm

Japan’s Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution was the seminal book that gave rise to permaculture. Can it be republished and made available again in Japan?

Darren Woodiwiss
19 May 7:08pm

And of course Hiro played a mean game of football at the 2008 transition conference.

Good to see that he is getting somewhere.