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19 May 2009

Job Opportunity with Transition Network

transition-network-logo1Following the recent piece about burnout, I am delighted to announce my own survival strategy given how bonkers Transition and my life has gone in recent months.   We have a new post in Transition Network, Personal Assistant and Volunteer Manager, which, as the title suggests, is a combination of helping me out, and also co-ordinating volunteers.  Here is the job description in PDF format (“The Catalyst” it refers to is me).  If you interested, please send a CV and a covering letter explaining why you feel you would best be able to fill this post, by midday on June 19th 2009, to jo.coish(at)  Thanks.

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Paula Kovacs
20 May 9:34am

You might be saved from the dreaded burn out but your PA might not. Isn’t this two separate jobs? PA to you and volunteer manager.

20 May 8:20pm

‘the catalyst’!!?? who decided to use that term!

21 May 7:40am

Paula: the idea is that both are part time, and our sense is that it is jugglable, although it would of course be kept under review. Gem, when we started, my title was something like ‘Director’, which didn’t actually really describe what I was actually doing. We scratched our heads and came up with ‘Catalyst and Outreach Manager’, which seemed a better description. Not a job you see advertised every day, but it has kind of stuck at this stage….

22 May 10:26pm

thanks for the reply – it just sounded a bit like a job title David Brent from The Office might give himself (not that you’re like him at all)!! but hey, it might catch on!

[…] Job opportunity with Transition Network […]

9 Jun 2:24pm


Not sure if it’s me but I don’t seem to be able to download the pdf with job details. When I click on link it loads same page again. I have tried to copy link location ( into url but same happens. Can you check that?


9 Jun 2:33pm

Hi, I’ve managed to get the info in html view, so I’m ok for this now. Maybe you still want to check in case others are having same problem though(?)


(i’m using linux and still at beginning of learning curve, so maybe it was just me)

10 Jun 2:47pm

Well done Rob and all. Good luck with it. How did you get it funded?

15 Jun 8:22pm

Sounds like a challenging post I wouldn’t mind applying for, problem is I’m about 300 miles away. Need any teleworkers to help out?

Bob Chard
12 Nov 7:35pm

The part of transition which is failing most glaringly in U.K. is the transport sector. It is officially forcast to have increasing CO2 emissions for decades while other sectors of the economy have falling emissions. Your transition movement needs some better ideas than the unrealistic exortations for all to travel less, walk and cycle or buy an electric car;none of which will solve the transport problem.
I am an experienced transport consultant looking for opportunities to advise transition towns; but how do I best start to engage with your network?