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29 Jul 2009

Transition Culture takes a break for the ‘summer’

rainAh, the English summer.  Rain, rain and more rain.  It is at this point that I take my leave of you for most of August, to spend some time building sandcastles with my kids on Cornish beaches, visit my newlyborn nephew, check in with family, and try not to think about Transition (well I can try).  Was meant to be going to the Big Green Gathering, which has been outrageously policed and health and safety-ed out of existence, a tragic loss.  Such a great event.  In the meantime, you might enjoy the mashup of the ‘Can Totnes Feed Itself’ work that Geofutures have just put online, SeedtoPlate‘s rather excellent Plot Designer, and, in case you missed it, the story about the German brothel’s low carbon policies.  My summer reading material is Alan Weiseman’s The World Without Us and, on Carolyn Baker’s recommendation, Al Siebert’s The Resiliency Advantage.  Just finished Mark E Smith‘s autobiography, Renegade, which was very enjoyable. Business as usual will be resumed here at the end of August, by which time there will hopefully be some of the 2009 TED talks for you to enjoy.  Have a great summer and thanks for all your support, encouragement, comments and enthusiasm thus far.

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Katy Duke
29 Jul 9:01pm

…hehe mashup, I love the term even though I don’t understand it. Well you’ve left us with plenty of homework – enjoy your break!

Jeff Sties
30 Jul 3:23pm

You can find a good description of what a ‘mashup’ is in Joshua Cooper Ramo’s new book ‘The Age of the Unthinkable – Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us and What We Can Do About It.’

31 Jul 9:05am

Enjoy your much deserved holiday Rob!

2 Aug 4:27pm

“in case we missed” the story on the German brothel? 🙂

yep, I HAD missed it. alas. My question would have to be- how did YOU run into it? Exactly what were you googling when that came up?? hm?? 🙂

2 Aug 9:39pm

Dont forget that any exciting transition stories etc can be posted on the transition forum