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19 Dec 2009

Transition Town Totnes Appears on Al Jazeera

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Brad K.
20 Dec 3:04am


It was lovely, seeing the town and the tree plantings in this video. The report makes the efforts more personal, and results more hopeful.

A lovely town.

Sergey Kibalnikov
20 Dec 7:01am

I am very interested in the experience of local currencies.

Steve Last
21 Dec 2:23pm

This is a welcome and inspirational clip showing that Transition is attracting an international coverage. Here’s to a positive 2010 from local communities and Transition initiatives across the world!

[…] power the low impact (albeit slightly boneshaking) transport option (which you may have seen in the recent Al-Jazeera film about Totnes).  This initiative was the work of one committed and passionate man who just got on with it, but […]