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29 Jan 2010

An Introduction to Food For Life

You may remember a while ago I wrote about a visit to a school near Bristol that is a Food for Life school, and how great what they were doing was.  Food for Life is a great initiative, and a great way for Transition initiatives to engage their local schools in re-engaging with the local food system.  Here is a new short film they have made, which I saw the other day and found rather inspiring.

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29 Jan 11:57pm

this is a truly beautiful thing.

One MORE reason to be envious of you all!

We here in MA, USA do not have such a program available and with the budget situation, its a remote dream.

31 Jan 2:41am

Brilliant! We’re in Tassie, Australia. School (food) gardens are becoming popular even though kids are typically required to bring lunch from home. I know the gardening activities at our local (and very small) school are a great source of pride for the children. The grade 6 leavers sell plants to raise funds for their celebrations.

Wendy Anne Flanagan
2 Feb 12:59pm

This is very inspiring and all who watch the footage will learn how beneficial it is to work this way to educate in a community- minded, sustainable, well planned, well informed methodical way.

helen - matlock
2 Feb 6:53pm

and for those reading who have children at UK state schools, it might be worth just contacting the head teacher and the catering service and asking if they want to join Food for Life. I have just done that and got a very positive response from the head, and from the county council…

this seems like a very useful way for transition / local food / community supported agriculture, farm education projects working in partnership with schools.