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10 Feb 2010

‘After Copenhagen’: a recent Transition Town Totnes event

Here is a short film about a recent event in Totnes, where people involved in TTT who had been in Copenhagen for COP15 and the Klimaforum shared their experiences. Thanks to the good people of the nu-project for making this film.

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Anna O'Brien
10 Feb 11:34am

Really good, thank you.

Fi Radford
10 Feb 3:16pm

Thank you Totnes for voicing some of the feelings that those of us who could not attend Copenhagen are also experiencing. You are a light in the encompassing darkness of denial and yes, despair.

Jane Buttigieg
12 Feb 4:53pm

‘Elation! That now the REAL work begins!’ says one of the posts someone in this clip has written on the flipchart.
Yes, absolutely, and I think back to a post on this blog not long ago where Rob wondered what would happen if we all stayed at home next time there was a meeting of world ‘leaders’ and showed them what was being done on the ground without them. I really think we should because I doubt that the next meeting (December in Mexico?) is going to be any different.

[…] to the extent that it’s spread all over the world in the space of just a few days – going from Rob Hopkins’ blog here in Totnes to Transition Towns New Zealand, Permaculture TV and other sites, blogs and nings […]

15 Feb 2:12am

Hi all, thanks for posting this vid.

I am part of Barcelona transition group and also participated in the peoples assemnbly action outside the bella centre in the snow in copenhagen with the climate caravan…

Lots of inspiration from those days, lots of magic felt by many, despite massive police intimidation and preemptive strike policy…

For our experiences id direct you to the caravan blog with audios at

On arrival back, so far the Catalan social forum supported the KLIMAFORUM DECLARATION and so too has our transition group, Barcelona en Transició


Barcelona in Transition signed up to the KLIMAFORUM DECLARATION #climatejustice #transitiontowns #eco #cop15

barcelona en transicio blog



Caroline-Christa Bernard prend le train (Article – TGV Magazine – June 2007)

Helen Loughrey
18 Feb 7:31am

And he said: Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
-The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

It is too late to affect climate crisis especially via so called political ‘leaders’. They are on the take and the rest of the people will not wake up with you to stop climate change in time. So those little pacific islands are going to go under. Those waterfront cities are going to go under. Agriculture yields will be affected by both climate and credit crisis and there will be a global species, including human, dieoff.

Given what you know, it is too late to save the whole world. The best some of you can do is to save yourselves via community mitigation planning where possible or outright migration away from the worst affected regions. To feel better about ourselves, we can attempt to stop being part of the problem by reducing our own carbon footprint. But understand that not enough people will do this to make a difference.

In the long run, the planet earth will eventually adapt and change again as it always has over billions of years.

But destructive species humanity has overshot the planet carrying capacity and the short term result is inevitable.