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11 Feb 2010

An Interactive Lunch With BBC Radio Devon (lunch not provided)

fitzAs readers of my Twitterfeed will know (my workload at the moment means that there is probably more happening there than here at the moment) I did an interview yesterday on BBC Radio Devon’s ‘Interactive Lunch’ with David FitzGerald.  It was good fun, and for the next 7 days you can hear it here.  My bit starts at 49 minutes 25 seconds.  My apologies for the music choices, nothing to do with me.  Any clever bod out there able to grab a recording of it before it is taken down again after 7 days?

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Steve Atkins
11 Feb 1:35pm

Hi Rob

I used to think Twitter was a bit of a fad, but it’s surprisingly useful for finding out things you may not otherwise hear about.

Have you considered embedding, into Transition Culture?… perhaps on the right at the very bottom, below all your links.

11 Feb 2:39pm

Hi Steve
I did discuss it with my ‘Webmaster’ but he felt it would all get a bit busy and cluttered… that’s why we just have the link on the top right hand side

James D
17 Feb 11:04am

“3,4,5 pounds a gallon” – I remember too when the petrol pump prices where in gallons Rob. I know you meant litres but I wonder how many more people would get on their bicycles if prices at the pumps showed how much a gallon of petrol is now costing 🙂

15 Apr 11:21am

Hello David,
Further to yesterdays discussion about primroses, did you know that Bob Wilson (ex arsenal goalkeeper) has the middle name of Primrose, as do
his siblings, apparently it was his mothers maiden name.
Good programme!!