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24 Feb 2010

Tim Kasser on ‘The Real Cost of Consumerism’, a talk in Totnes

Tim Kasser was recently in Totnes giving a talk, and the good folks at nu-project were there with their cameras. While Tim was in Totnes I also did an interview with him which I will be posting here over the next couple of days.

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24 Feb 2:23pm

“Now I will tell you a parable,” Buddha said. “Once there lived a wealthy man whose house caught on fire. The man was away from home and when he came back, he found that his children were so absorbed in play, had not noticed the fire and were still inside the house. The father screamed, ‘Get out, children! Come out of the house! Hurry!’ But the children did not heed him.

“The anxious father shouted again. ‘Children, I have some wonderful toys here; come out of the house and get them!’ Heeding his cry this time, the children ran out of the burning house.”

The world is the burning house.Sustainability is the wonderful toy

Paula Kovacs
25 Feb 11:12am

I like the idea of simplicity circles – a kind of mutual peer support group for those wanting to downsize. I see overlaps with the Heart and Soul groups. Maybe it could be incorporated ( poor choice of words in this context -’embraced’ might be more appropriate)– ‘Heart, Soul and Simplicity’?