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31 Mar 2010

Transition Byron Bay get up and running…

Here’s a short film about Transition Byron Bay in Australia’s first meeting.

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Chris Rowland
31 Mar 12:19pm

Byron Bay – I’ve heard it is beautiful place. I think it has some coastal erosion problems due to rising sea level! Save the fresh water Aussies and use those swimming pools for growing some food.

Nicholas Roberts
31 Mar 7:30pm

most of Byron – the town and industrial estate – is built on low-lying swamp (wetlands).

beautiful one day, reclaimed by the Bay the next


Jude and Michel Fanton, founders of the AUS Seed Savers network are based there

Gary Alexander
1 Apr 11:26am

Very interesting that an existing ‘climate action group’ has decided to ‘transition to a Transition group’. I think it shows the strength of Transition, that it attracts other related groups.

James Samuel
1 Apr 12:39pm

I lived in this area for a few years (1997-2000), and watched Byron from the hills on new years eve 99/00, to see if the lights would go out and life as we knew it would change – it was a mildly dissappointing non-event.

I am delighted to see the unique culture of this part of Northern NSW (Byron/Mullumbimby), take up this more gradual and relevant people-driven change tool, called Transition!