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9 Apr 2010

Clonmel, a town in Transition – rough cut

Here’s a great short film from Ireland, a teaser produced as part of an ongoing documentary funded by Carnegie UK Trust. It is centered around a local Transition group based in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary who are committed to raising awareness and increasing resilience against the global challenges which face us all.

Clonmel: A Town in Transition – Rough Cut from MOEVO on Vimeo.

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Fuad Al-Tawil
9 Apr 10:03am

Great way to put it in a nutshell, well done.

I’m part of a community group associated with the Transition Newton Abbot (Devon) and intend to show this to people in the valley as we are going through a similar experience.

Mark Bradley
9 Apr 1:32pm

Living in once the auto manufacturing capital of Canada, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, transition or transitioning has only caught on in small active groups but not at the municipal government level. We are still building new roads, widening old ones to meet sprawling auto-centric suburban towns. Oil is still the king.

Watching the above video is great to see that other cities have grasped and are acting on our global state of affairs.