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30 Jul 2010

Logging Off For the Summer…

Transition Culture will be closing down for most of August as I stop work and take time out with my family, sit on a beach in Cornwall for a while, visit family, leave my laptop at home, and try not to think about Transition very much (well I can try).  The last few days has been a wrapping up of various things, including the thesis I have been doing for the last 3 years (alongside everything else…) which (pause for fireworks, dancing elephants and great plumes of multi-coloured bunting) I handed in today (see left).  Don’t have to even think about it once for the next 2 months.  Thanks everyone  for all your comments and support over the year so far, much appreciated.  Have a good few weeks, normal service will be resumed here first week of September, when we’ll be into full-on Pattern Language writing mode, and other exciting new developments to be revealed when activities resume!

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Alejandro Ahumada
30 Jul 3:12pm

Have fun!!

John Fellowes
30 Jul 3:33pm

Congratulations – free at last…

Shaun Chamberlin
30 Jul 3:36pm

Congratulations! See you on the other side.

Steve Brown
30 Jul 4:25pm

Enjoy the break Rob, you deserve it!

Margaret Weiner
30 Jul 4:26pm

YES, YES, YES: fireworks, dancing elephants and great plumes of multi-coloured bunting!! So glad to hear you’ve turned the dissertation in and are taking a summmer break, Rob. May you and your family enjoy a truly refreshing and joyful time. Your blog is such a source of information and inspiration for us in our local transition group. We cheer you on and encourage you to incorporate sustainability deeply into your own life!

Raven Gray
30 Jul 4:45pm

Have a lovely holiday! Well done for finishing your thesis in record time! Hope the sun shines for you down in Kernow.

Ken Allen
30 Jul 6:41pm

Well done Rob. Now is the time to allow, the feelings of family and nature, to refresh mind, body and soul – let go, let go.

Wishing you and family well from all at Transition Town Newent.

30 Jul 10:03pm

Never fear, we’ll be doing plenty of Transition thinking in your absence 😉

31 Jul 9:57am

Have a fantastic break Rob.

Looking forward to your return.

31 Jul 6:03pm

Very well done!

Patrick Troup
2 Aug 6:09pm

Great work sir and everyone else. The movement is growing!!!

Lots to look forward to as our generation is being defined as we speak of this greatness.


3 Aug 1:52pm

Many congratulations. I work in the Uni Library and I have seen you working hard over the summer. I haven’t wanted to disturb you from your studies.

I like the pic of you handing it in, I am sure it will be an interesting read.