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2 Dec 2010

Great Little Introduction to Transition Film from Transition York Region…

Well now here’s something wonderful from Transition York Region in Canada.  I won’t say much about it, just sit back and enjoy… can’t help wishing they might perhaps move around a bit more though…

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John Boshier
3 Dec 10:58am

Brilliant. For anyone who doesn’t know, anyone can make these videos using the Xtranormal web site at There are a variety of scenes and characters available FOC, and more you can pay for. I haven’t tried it yet, but there’s also a program you can download with extra features. It should be possible to overlay these characters on your own slideshow or video with the right video editing software. Great for people who are too nervous to do the commentary themselves!

Miguel Leal
4 Dec 5:32pm

Great tool. Thanks for passing the word 😉

Gary Miller
5 Dec 11:40pm

A wonderful film. Worth spending some time with the system to get the speech to sounding more natural