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14 Feb 2011

The Intergalactic Health and Safety Inspectorate 3

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14 Feb 12:45pm

Please keep them coming they are hilarious and a wonderful reminder of all the things we have to sort out.

14 Feb 2:42pm

Lovely combination of aaaargghhh aliens – and even if they weren’t aliens aaaaarrhhhhggghh everything else. Very funny.

14 Feb 6:43pm

Really nice!

Matt Dunwell
15 Feb 11:00am

How come its Peter Lipman that gets randomly door knocked by Aliens?

oh no – my mistake – he is wearing long trousers – cant be Peter

Chris Johnstone
17 Feb 1:03pm

Love this, and also the serious message behind it.
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh was once asked what we need to do to help the healing of our world. “Hear the sound of the earth crying within us” he replied. For anyone interested in finding supported spaces to do this (and tap into the aliveness of our emotional energy), I’d recommend the Work That Reconnects workshops developed by Joanna Macy and colleagues. There’s plenty happening in the UK (including a facilitator training) and around the world. Here’s some links:
For UK workshops, see
There is also a Work That Reconnects UK facebook group.
For a directory of facilitators and more info, see Joanna Macy’s website at:
For live streaming video of her DVD The Work That Reconnects, see

There’s also UK workshop details on my website at

Chris Johnstone.