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17 Mar 2011

New film pilot looks at backyard food growing in Lewes

Here’s a pilot for a TV programme called ‘Growing Communities’, produced and directed by Sara Proudfoot Clinch which “gives you a glimpse at how to grow your own community from meeting the Transition Town Lewes group who are learning to live without fossil fuels, to community allotments, to bee keeping in the church yard, to keeping chickens in a tiny back garden of a town house”.

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Paul Tucker
17 Mar 9:14am

Excellent film Sara – very inspiring and great to see Lexy, Adrienne & Dirk and other local Lewes faces doing such valuable work in the community. Nice to be reminded what’s going on in town ‘behind the scenes’. Really nice to see your local work too!
Thank you – and do pop in to see us at Equilibrium next time you’re passing…

celestial elf
17 Mar 9:40am

Great film thank you
thought you might enjoy my machinima film on permaculture and the bees
bright blessings
elf ~

Patricia Kahler
17 Mar 1:30pm

Thanks for the Great Link! Heres to a more Sustainable Future! Luv and Peace Trishwildfire

K. McDonald
17 Mar 11:59pm

This film is delightful! Love all of the different backyards packed into a few minutes which make it well worth watching! I will use this on my blog sometime soon!

Trish Knox
19 Mar 1:47am

Love the images and sounds of this film. A healthy dose of farm life for the senses. So happy to be connected with you all around our beloved Mother Earth.

“Reconnecting with life…and having fun.”
Thank you!

Penny Walker
28 Mar 4:02pm

Great work going on in Lewes and many other places!

When I first skimmed this post, I thought it might be about the short video on the Growing Communities website. Growing Communities is the social enterprise in Hackney which for 10 years+ has been doing interesting food-related things – these days it runs a local organic farmers market, urban market gardens and organic box scheme. (Transparency alert: I’m the chair of the volunteer board.)

In case you came here looking for them, here’s the web site:

Sara, perhaps if the pilot gets commissioned into a series, you could come up to London and visit Hackney? 🙂