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15 Jul 2011

Tomato anyone?

It’s Friday, so here’s something silly.  Here is a great ad (circled) I just spotted in the small ads column of my local free newspaper…

Form an orderly queue now…


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Jennifer Lauruol
15 Jul 4:52pm

Thanks, Rob, LOL!

15 Jul 8:09pm


You should be way too busy to be reading the small ads?


michael Dunwell
17 Jul 6:56pm

When you look at the massive irrelevance of what obsesses most of us at the moment it is quite inspiring to find that Rob is just flipping through the small ads with no particular object in mind…

18 Jul 1:16pm

I’m worried about you!

Concerned of Caernarfon
22 Jul 4:47pm

But is it sold yet? That could be a bargain. I’m worried now, I’d call and put an offer in on it but there seems to be tippex in the way of the number :-/

22 Jul 4:51pm

Of course it’s Tippexed out, you don’t think I’d let anyone else pip me to a bargain like that do you?

23 Jul 12:00am

I just bought the singlew bed with pull out bed for £50… WIN! Thanks Rob…

26 Jul 5:16pm

Why did you tipex out the phone number for the tomato seller? They obviously want to sell their Tomatoes. You’ve left the phone number in for everyone else, I’m interested in the wet wipes