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22 Jul 2011

What Transition Houston are up to

Let’s end the week with a short film.  Here’s a great film about Transition Houston in the US… have a good weekend…

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Julia Goodfellow-Smith
22 Jul 4:38pm

It’s fantastic to see a city built on the oil industry taking up the Transition challenge. If they can do it, anyone can!

22 Jul 8:39pm

Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing our video!

We hope you keep in mind, we didn’t cover half the amazing things going on down there in Texas! Be sure to check out Transition Houston’s website to see more, and yeah, they make you re-think the whole “capital of the world’s oil industry” title.

-Dave and Anna, the Permacyclists

GwendolineY. Fortune
9 Sep 4:16pm

Get everything positive and good about Houston, and all of Texas to the world-please. Thanks for the bilingual presentation