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1 Sep 2011

A panel discussion on resilience, what it means, and what it looks like in practice

Over the summer I went to Sunrise Off Grid festival near Cheddar in Somerset.  It was very enjoyable, I did a talk which I hope to be able to bring you the film of soon, and also, along with Patrick Whitefield, Mark Heley and Claire Milne took part in a panel discussion about resilience.  Thanks to the good people at PermanentCultureNow, here, in several parts, is a film of that discussion.

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

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3 Sep 8:51pm

Enjoyed the discussion, especially that of Patrick, Claire, and you. Sorry to say that I found Mark Heley to be quite irritating. Seems that he feels some sort of competition from Transition and kept trying to make a point that resiliency is totally different, while using as examples exactly those sorts of things that we are doing in Transition. He must be unaware of the ecological and permacultural underpinnings of Transition.

Jo Homan
4 Sep 1:34am

I was determined not to comment because I’m always commenting on this site, but you’re right, Mark. Let’s hope he comes to the next conference so he can find out what transition is about. I think I understand his survivalist version of resilience and can only imagine how much he could add, in terms of knowledge, to what we’re doing.
I agreed with the woman who was arguing for a more participatory process and think the transition conferences could go further in this direction – have people take responsibility for the conference nuts and bolts like cooking meals, covering reception etc.
Finally, what is written on your T shirt, Rob? It looks a bit like “Come on Feel the Illinoise” but what would that even mean?

Mike Grenville
4 Sep 4:31pm

yes Jo that is what his T-shirt said. I complained to him after his talk prior to the debate as I was trying to take pics of him and didn’t want the T-shirt to dominate! It’s a reference to a track from one of his favourite bands!

5 Sep 7:38am

Yes indeed, one of the finest albums of all time.