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15 May 2012

Transition Town Cheltenham using the Transition Ingredients card game

One of the key outputs from the creation of ‘The Transition Companion’ was the ingredients card game which was launched last October.  Each card represents a different ingredient, a different aspect of the process of creating Transition in your community.  We have had good feedback from different events where people have used them, and so I was very interested to see this short film of their being used at Transition Town Cheltenham‘s recent AGM:

What they do is to allow a group to celebrate the things it has already done, and to reflect on possible parts of the process that it hasn’t got round to.  They can be used to lay them out to tell the story of the initiative so far, with reflection on the cards left unused.  They also get away from the idea that Transition is a linear, prescribed process, rather an organic, place-specific assembling of ingredients.  What has been your experience with the cards?  The activities we have come up with so far can be downloaded here … have you developed any other ones?  My thanks to Transition Town Cheltenham for sharing their reflections.

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15 May 6:45pm

Thanks Cheltenham for sharing your ‘card game’ with us!

A useful reminder of how valuable the cards can be – will look to print a copy off from the TN website.