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26 Jun 2012

The power of “why not?”: an interview on Marlow FM

Had great fun the other day doing an interview with Dave Hampton, ‘The Carbon Coach’, for his ‘Watt Next Show’ on Marlow FM. It went out last night, and here it is for your listening pleasure.

Here is Part One:

… and Part Two …

Here is the track that played at the end of Part 1 in case you wondered.  Thanks Dave…

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Dave Hampton
27 Jun 10:25am

Thank you Rob 😀

Dave Hampton
27 Jun 11:29am

‘Losing My Edge’ by LCD Soundsystem

‘You Could Easily Have Me’ by Metronomy

‘Casimir Pulaski Day’ by Sufjan Stevens

‘Moonshake’ by Can

‘I Can Feel Your Love’ by Felice Taylor

‘The Pledge’ by DJ Spooky and Saul Williams

‘Sure Nuff N Yes I Do’ by Captain Beefheart

‘Moan’ by Trentemoller
‘Let’s Build a Home’ by the White Stripes
Quality Control by Jurassic 5
The Fall: Look, Know
Johnny Cash: Hurt
were Rob’s excellent music choices

to which we added a few by popular request:
Turn Turn Turn, The Byrds
Changes, Bowie
and This is Love,