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20 Aug 2012

Transition Network conference 2012 preview: No:1 – Shane Hughes on the REconomy Day

Today we start a series of short posts to preview different aspects of the 2012 Transition Network conference (tickets now on sale!).  We’ll be talking to different people who will be presenting workshops and other aspects of the conference, and hearing in their own words their plans and hopes for what they’ll be bringing to the event.  Today it’s Shane Hughes of the REconomy Project, who talks about the REconomy Day and about the workshop that he and Fiona Ward will be presenting on the first day of the main conference (just click to play).

He says:

“We want to present these trigger points, these tipping points, that we’re coming close to in terms of the economic evolution that we are going through, the evolving new economy, and we want to get people excited about the fact that there are these oncoming tipping points that if we work towards these new features of a new economy could start to become, in the same light as climate change has runaway unstoppable tipping points, we believe the positive new economy has these runaway tipping points and we want to highlight them and discuss them”.

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20 Aug 1:14pm

To give you an idea of the programme for the Reconomy Project Day we’ll be having workshops and presentations from The Hub, Brixton Pound, Coin Street, Incredible Edible Todm
orden, Restart Project, Dunbar Bakery, Buzzbnk, New Economics Foundation’s Re-imagining the High street, Schumacher College’s Transion Economics Course, Growing Communities, Draught Busters, Battersea Arts Centre, Field Power Organics, Ovesco (Lewis Renewables), Ham Hydro, Bear Coop, Decisions Lab and The Community Land Use Trust among so many others and that’s not even including the amazing attendees each with inspirational stories to tell.

If all these trailblazers and pioneers could articulate one collective story I’m pretty sure it would offer us a tantalising window into the future….

Hope to see you there!!