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12 Sep 2012

Transition Network conference 2012 preview: No:18 – Suzanne Dennis on Mentoring for Transition

Suzanne Dennis will be running, along with Lyndsey Stewart, a workshop at the 2012 Transition Network conference on the role of mentoring in Transition as a way of avoiding burnout and building personal resilience.  I asked her more about what the workshop would cover and what participants might expect to get out of it:

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Mary Mann
12 Sep 3:56pm

This workshop sounds juicy indeed, and much needed. Are there plans for video recordings and PDF files that can be accessed online by the transition community after the conference is over? I’m very much hoping so. Mary Mann, Cumming, Georgia, USA

Josué Dusoulier
18 Sep 10:05pm

That was great, thanks to Suzanne & Lyndsey 🙂
Josué, from Belgium