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23 Nov 2012

A thing of great beauty from Marbella

It’s Friday, been a long week, so here is something beautiful to inspire and soothe the soul.  Even if you don’t speak Spanish, this video document of the recent Transition gathering in Marbella is just beautiful.  Filipa Pimentel, who co-ordinates the network of Transition hubs was at the event and wrote “the video mirrors perfectly what you could feel there – it was magic… (I cried all day, of course).  After this event, a new Transition Initiative was started – the first meeting with 60 people!”

The event also made the local TV news.

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michael Dunwell
23 Nov 8:12pm

I can see why Philipa cried all day. And why you sent it out to cheer us up. Quite wonderful.

Chris Rowland
24 Nov 3:02pm

Love to Transition Marbella from Transition Lewes and OVESCO.

I might have to go to Southern Spain in February to meet family.Perhaps I could get to Marbella for a day?