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5 Dec 2012

The Top Ten films as chosen by Transition initiatives!

I know it has been a thrillingly exciting wait, but now we can announce the Top Ten films most popular with Transition initiatives!!  Thanks to everyone who voted.  I know the fever pitch of excitement this has generated.  You can either read them below (click ‘read more’) or you can play this little player to hear them read out in a Top Ten countdown kinda stylee.

So, here we go.

10.  The End of Suburbia

9.  There’s no tomorrow

8.  Dirt, the movie

7.  Voices of Transition

Joint 5th. The Age of Stupid

Joint 5th. The Economics of Happiness

4.  Koyannisqaatsi

3.  The Power of Community

2.  A Farm for the Future

1. In Transition (1.0 & 2.0)

The winners of our competition to win a copy of Looby Macnamara’s ‘People and Permaculture’ are Marie Goodwin, Robin Curtis and Kamil Pachalko.  Well done all, and thanks to Permanent Publications for supporting the competition.

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Jo Homan
5 Dec 9:09am

hey pop pickers, can’t believe you didn’t include the Story of Stuff, excellent short movie for prompting discussion. Film and promotional materials available here:

Rob Hopkins
5 Dec 11:14am

Yes, amazingly none of the ‘Story of…’ films even got a single vote! I’m a big fan myself.

5 Dec 12:32pm

I hadn’t seen farm of the future before. Moved to tears.

John F
7 Dec 10:23am

Story of Stuff got our vote! (We won’t demand a recount)

17 Dec 8:06pm

I think ‘Crude Awakening’ is a better peak oil movie, but it does drag at the end. Just show the first 30 mins and people will get the idea.

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