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19 Feb 2014

Reflecting on resources: the Transition Town Totnes ‘Reunion’. Part Two.

Our first flyer

We recently posted Part One of our Transition Town Totnes Reunion, looking at what the resources were needed to get TTT up and running with strong foundations, and at what actually were the resources that were needed alongside funding.  Today we post Part Two, which picks up the story from the end of 2007.  It is important to note that there are many others who should have been part of this conversation: Jacqi Hodgson, Jill Tomalin, Robert Vint, Noni McKenzie, Lou Brown, Noel Longhurst, Hilary Prentice, Carole Whitty, Chris Bird, Adrian Porter and many many more.  This second part was a fairly spontaneous thing, and it would be great at some point in the future to redo this one with more people (and a larger table!).  

So this second video features Naresh Giangrande, Sophy Banks, Rob Hopkins and Fiona Ward from the first part, with the addition of Hal Gilmore and Frances Northrop, and beautifully chaired by Peter Redstone.  We hope you enjoyed it.