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16 Nov 2005

Cultivate’s New Magazine on Peak Oil

The Cultivate Centre in Dublin is the sustainability centre that all others should aspire to. It grew out of the pioneering work of Davie Philip and Caoimhim Woods who set up the Low Impact Co-operative way back in 1996 (if my memory serves me correctly) organising the first Sustainable Earth Fair in Dublin. Since then it has grown and grown, with more and more events of a higher and higher profile, publications and now a wonderful urban sustainability centre right in the heart of Dublin.

Drawing in the leading speakers from all over the world to a series of timely and powerful conferences and seminars, they have done much to put sustainability on the map in Ireland. As well as their events programme, they also run a shop, an urban garden, a series of outreach courses at another venue in Dublin, and a very useful website. They also produce occasional publications of the highest quality, which are both accessible and informative. Their latest, entitled “Optimising Energy Use – powering down in response to peak oil and global warming”, is excellent.

Cultivate Magazine

Featuring articles by Colin Campbell, Torbjorn Lahti, Graham Strouts, David Fleming, Richard Douthwaite, Patrick Holford and myself, among others, it gives a very clear overview of the challenge of peak oil but also of the possibilities that follow from it. It is beautifully designed and a joy to behold altogether. To order a copy click here