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6 Dec 2005

An Historic Evening In Kinsale

kinsI had a phone call last night from a pub in Kinsale from the Transition Design team, Louise, Catherine and Graham, to tell me some historic news. At a meeting of **Kinsale Town Council** last night, Transition Design’s proposal that Kinsale become Ireland’s first ‘Transition Town’ was unanimously approved. The proposal put before the Council was;

>**Notice of Motion**

>This council supports the efforts of the not-for-profit company “Transition Design

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nick’s blog
8 Dec 7:00pm

[…] This news came through an email list I’m on today. Kinsale council unanimously accepted the Energy Descent Plan put together by Rob Hopkins and the students of Kinsale college. Kinsale is now at the global cutting edge of Peak Oil preparedness and the news is spreading in Permaculture/Peak Oil sites across the world. Read more here on Rob’s prolific and excellent blog: And check out the plan: […]

Janel Dolan Jones
2 Jan 6:35pm

Hello Rob,

I found your post quite by accident while I was doing a search for “transition design” for business reasons. I am a holistic designer in Texas, USA and my specialty is assisting my clients in transition situations.

I was delighted to read about your efforts in the beautiful town of Kinsale. I am of Irish descent (my great-grandfather was from Galway) and my husband, two children and I visited Ireland several years ago. During that two week holiday, our favorite visit was Kinsale. There is a silversmith by the name of Dolan there that is a distant relative…he looks exactly like my 1st cousin! The town was completely charming, the people kind, and the food was some of the best I have ever eaten. We have often spoken of how we’d like to find a way to live there.

I applaud your efforts to lessen and almost eliminate dependence on fossil fuel. For so many reasons it is a smart thing to do. I will visit your blog to see how the efforts are progressing. Perhaps there will be ideas and actions that can be applied where I live too.

Mother Earth must be loved and protected. We know that the situation in the Middle East is so unpredictable and often frightening. The war there is certainly not just about “oil” anymore than The Troubles in Northern Ireland has been only about “religion”.

While the world is undergoing some huge transition, small, thoughtful actions by all of us can change our future for the better of all concerned.

All the best to your team!


Janel Jones

P.S. Belated happy birthday! From a fellow Sagittarius…mine was the 11th. ^_^