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26 Jan 2006

So You Still Think Nuclear Power is a Good Idea?

GreenpeaceGreenpeace have produced a startling video as part of their campaign to dissuade Tony Blair from approving a new generation of nuclear power stations. It is one to show any friends or relatives you might have who still think the nuclear option is the correct one. According to David Adams in the Guardian, the scenario in the film has been challenged by Regis Matzie, senior vice-president and chief technology officer of Westinghouse, which designs new nuclear stations, who states that reactors are difficult targets because they sit low on the horizon and their round shape makes a direct hit awkward. I sleep a lot better knowing that.

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Jason Cole
22 Feb 8:23pm

I think Greenpeace have got it wrong with this scaremongering video. The most misunderstood part of Nuclear energy is the idea that it is “CO2-free”, not taking into consideration the embodied energy of the Uranium, that required mining and separation. They’d be better with making that point, since it better highlights the folly of a rapid expansion programme.