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14 Feb 2006

A Course not to be Missed – Starhawk and Penny Livingston in the UK.

earthI want to wholeheartedly recommend the following course. I won’t be making a habit of promoting courses in the main posts of this site, so I have set up an ‘Courses That Might Interest You’ category in the Essential Info section of this site. Do let me know of any that you feel should go in there. This is more than just a course however, this is a rare opportunity to learn essential skills and insights from two of the most skillful and insightful women around.

**EARTH ACTIVIST TRAINING – 15th – 29th July 2006
Ragmans Lane, Gloucestershire, UK.
with Starhawk & Penny Livingston- Stark**

A permaculture design course and more for activists:

Learn the skills to transform a piece of land, a community and our political and economic systems.

Permaculture is a system of ecological design. Spend two weeks in rural Gloucestershire learning:
Nature and wilderness awareness.
Diversity in ecosystems and in our movement.
Solutions that exist: alternative energy, organic farming, natural building, bioremediation and restoration
Soil and forest ecology and ecological economics.
How to collect, conserve, and clean water.
Ecological base camp design for action camps
Movement building, strategy and direct action principles and practices.
Consensus process, facilitation and conflict transformation.
How to transform fear, rage, grief and frustration into creative action.
How to stay grounded and centred in tough and challenging situations.
How to create ritual and weave magic into action……

…and more!

We will also be thinking and planning for the Climate Change Camp later in the summer of 2006

On completion, participants will receive a permaculture certificate.

**Core facilitators:**


**Starhawk** is a lifelong activist, direct action trainer, ecofeminist and author of many books that link earth-based spirituality with political struggle. ****


**Penny Livingston-Stark** is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer and speaker. She is the founder of The Permaculture Institute of Northern California and has been working professionally in the land management and development field for 25 years. ****

There will also be visiting guest speakers.

Cost (including tuition, two weeks accommodation and all meals):
£100 – £500 sliding scale according to income:
£500 waged
£300 low income
£100 unwaged (This is negotiable).

We particularly welcome applications from underrepresented groups within the activist community
Accommodation will be either camping or small dorms/bunk rooms.

The food will be vegetarian and organic as far as possible.

Selection criteria: As there are only limited places available on this course, it is necessary to have a selection criteria rather than accept people on a first come first served basis. Priority will be given to people who are:

– involved primarily in the activist* community/movement
– have some experience of being involved in activism.
– involved with local groups and who will make a commitment to share what they learn with their own communities and affinity groups
– are active in the UK, although we are open to applications from people in Europe.

* we do not have a restrictive definition of what an “activist” is and invite people to give us their own definition as part of their application.

The closing date for applications is 31st May 2006.

If you are interested in taking part in this course, please contact the organising collective for an application form, at:

Earth Activist Training
C/o 3 Yew Tree Cottages
Pitt Court
North Nibley
Gl11 6EB

Or e-mail: