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12 Apr 2006

A Short Break and a Talk in Kinsale.

kp**UPDATE – This talk is now on again, I am going over just for the talk on my way to Dublin**.
This morning’s post will be the last until **April 24th**, (apart from Friday’s announcement of the winner of the cob book competition), as I am going to Ireland for a family Easter break, and to catch up with friends. As part of the trip, I will be giving a lecture in Kinsale (see below) on the evening of Tuesday 18th at 8pm. The talk will be about peak oil and energy descent planning, as well as about how the Kinsale Action Plan came about. I’ll also be going up to the Skilling Up For Powerdown day in Dublin, which is going to be great. I’ll be back with you here on Monday 24th. Here are the details of the Kinsale talk, from the poster done for the evening…

**Embarking Upon The Great Adventure of Peak Oil – Rob Hopkins speaks in Kinsale**

Permaculture Teacher and Designer Rob Hopkins returns to Kinsale for a special presentation on Community responses to the Energy Crisis. Creator of the 2-year course in Practical Sustainability at Kinsale FEC, he produced with some of last years students the internationally acclaimed document *“Kinsale 2021- An Energy Descent Action Plan

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