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9 Oct 2006

The World’s Best Documented Post-Peak Open Space Event Ever?

tttosWe had a fantastic day on Saturday, Transition Town Totnes’ first Open Space day, **’How Will Totnes Feed Itself Beyond the Age of Cheap Oil?’** Not only did we get a good turnout and generate lots of wonderful connections and ideas, we also successfully trialled our putting the whole event live on the site as it unfolded. You can see the results on the Transition Town Totnes website, with photos and all the ideas generated. Our idea that lots of people around the world would be emailing in their thoughts and input didn’t quite come to pass, but as you’ll see, a couple of people did. We learnt lots from this event that we will be able to use to improve this coming Saturday’s event, which is about energy. Have a read of the write up of the event, it was quite something.