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6 Oct 2006

Transition Town Totnes Open Space Day on Food – Join Us Live Online!

foodTomorrow between 10am and 4pm GMT at the Civic Hall in Totnes, Transition Town Totnes are holding our first Open Space day, a community think-tank called **How Will Totnes Feed Itself Beyond Cheap Oil?** The day follows on from the evening called ‘Feeding Totnes, past, present and future’ on Tuesday which attracted nearly 200 people to hear Guy Watson, Helena Norberg-Hodge and Mary Bartlett. The idea of the day is to use Open Space Technology, a powerful tool by which communities self-organise to discuss ideas and explore solutions, in this case in relation to food. Now, thanks to there being a wifi connection in Totnes, you can follow it online as it unfolds.

In a brave experiment, we will be documenting the day live on the Transition Town Totnes website. As the ideas are generated by the participants, they will be transcribed and posted on the website along with photos of the day as it unfolds. As our first attempt to do this, it will almost certainly be simultaneously chaotic, educational, wonderful and fascinating, but will allow us to iron out any glitches . With the TTT site being a wiki, any of you around the world will be also able to participate in the event, sending in your comments observations and wisdoms which can feed into the process, and be posted on the wall for the partipants to see.

It is very simple, at the top of each page is a link marked “edit this”. Just click on that, type in your comments and then click “Save”. Easy peasy. It’ll be a bit like watching the scores coming in on Grandstand, but where you are able to comment on them. If it works we will develop it and refine it for the subsequent Open Spaces, so it will definitely be fully operational by next Saturday’s one on energy.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, and we look forward to seeing your comments….